Quality Policy

The most important objective of our business is the Management of Quality and the services we provide must consistently meet our Clients requirements in every respect.  The Reussir Quality Management System (QMS) has been developed to enhance existing activities that are currently in operation on a range of the Company's projects.  The system rationalises these activities giving a corporate approach to the Management of Quality.

The Board of Directors therefore consider that the operation of an effective QMS is in the best interests of both the Company and its Clients.

It is the policy of the Company to:

  1. Provide a service to our clients which consistently meets their specific requirements.
  2. Operate at all times, where possible, in accordance with the requirements of the MC QMS.
  3. Ensure that all our personnel shall be required to work in accordance with the procedures detailed in the Quality Procedures Manual.
  4. Provide appropriate training and instruction as may be necessary to all personnel at all levels.
  5. Establish within the Company a culture of "Right First Time".
  6. Develop mutually beneficial, long term relationships with reliable suppliers and sub-contractors.
  7. Be, and be perceived to be, the best in the construction of brickwork/blockwork and Stonework.

For the execution of the policy:

A Senior Manager has been appointed as Head of Quality Assurance (HQA) and is responsible for the overall implementation and effectiveness of the QMS;

The Quality Group (QG) will assist the HQA in all matters relating to the implementation of the QMS and will periodically review the system to ensure its continued effectiveness;

All personnel within the Company are required to perform their duties in compliance with the QMS without unauthorised deviation;

Quality representatives on each project will be responsible for the overall implementation of the system at site level.

Quality Assurance Statement

We are in the process of implementing quality assurance procedures with a view to achieving full registration within 12 months. We have our quality manual in place to a system and procedural level that is currently acceptable to all main contractors.

We consider the benefits achieved by the implementation of a properly controlled and documented system where any site deficiencies are immediately brought to attention and dealt with accordingly, far outweigh the initial and ongoing expense. This is particularly evident at the handover stage with "snagging" or remedial work being negligible.

Our system is readily adaptable for incorporation within our clients own quality assurance documentation.

ROGER.A.BYRNE.(Managing Director)