Safety Policy

ALL in the Construction Industry need to take full responsibility for work colleagues and ourselves.

Constructing buildings of all shapes and sizes is an extremely challenging task for us all, therefore it is paramount that we all understand the importance of having a safe and professional workforce.

Our Safety Policy, we believe, endeavours to promote and enforce working safely together.

  1. The Safety Policy of the company`s employees and all likely to be affected by our operations, is the responsibility of the management and as a priority it ranks equally with production and profit.
  2. It is the duty of the management to do everything possible to prevent injury.
  3. It is equally the duty of each employee to exercise personal responsibility for his or her own safety, and the safety of others.
  4. Our job specific safety manual is presented to the Main Contractor on each site, before commencement.
  5. It is the duty of each sub-contractor to acquaint his personnel, working on the site, of the safety policy and where copies can be seen.

  ROGER.A.BYRNE.(Managing Director)